New birder quiz app

I created a small web app that helps birders get better at recognizing birds:

Wanting to improve my bird recognition skills I created an app so I can quiz myself every morning and track my progress. Because there are a lot of “citizen science” projects nowadays, I thought I should make it public so people can get trained to help in bird mapping. Bird species localization is not a simple one. The birds always change locations so a static map won’t do, but by having a lot of data about species whereabouts through time we can corelate these to environment factors and make dynamic and precise predictions with machine learning.

Bird naming nomenclature is different in every language (that’s why the app supports english, romanian and scientific (latin) nomenclature)

You can login with your google account or twitter and your progress will be recorded. The app is designed to be very simple so people get to the core of it fast.

I used python/django for the server side, javascript + HTML5 and CSS on the client and a little {{moustache}} for client side template-ing.

Give it a shot and tell me what you think:

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